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Learn to go from Subject-Matter Expert to making a profitable impact as a CEO without doing all the work alone.


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Six (6) month program designed to teach entrepreneurs and subject experts how to build a profitable business with strategic partnerships.

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The Entrepreneur’s blueprint to building a profitable business with strategic partnerships. A 250+ page guide along with a resource hub.

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A. Margot Blair is a leadership development consultant, Executive Pastor, and trainer at the intersection of faith and business. She teaches entrepreneurs and Subject-matter experts how to build a profitable business with strategic partnerships.


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"You impacted me by helping me flush out the vision I had for my community project. You made me think about things I already have in my reach and also things that I had within myself that I didn’t tap into yet."


C. Jones

The Obama Foundation CLC Participant

"I cannot tell you how amazing this is! It's like you're slapping and shaking us so that we get it right so we grow. You want to see us success. I cry because we needed this. You are directly talking to us each time. Thank you for caring enough to give us a boost so we get on the renewed, right path."


K. Muhammad

Master Life Coach & Co-Founder

"Through PFA, I've been able to revamp my vision, gain true clarity on where I am gapped, and focus (work on) these areas to become successful on this journey of entrepreneurship."


A. Bragg


"All I can say is HALLELUJAH! Profitable Founder Academy works!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! Using the lesson from Module 1, (my presentation) with Enterprise Community (and the Tacoma Housing Authority) went well."


T. Ross

Shepherd's Transformation Mansions Communities

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